About Identity Solutions

About Identity Solutions

At the beginning of a long successful career, our consultants were previously employed at Genetic Design in the 1980s which became the largest and most successful DNA testing company in the industry. The employees of Genetic Design's Private Paternity Case Department were pioneers in private case coordination and consultations. This enabled individuals to privately obtain DNA identification testing for paternity, adoption, immigration and forensics rather than through a government agency.
The members of our staff were also instrumental in the innovation of the buccal swab collection method. This non-invasive procedure is utilized for painless, easy DNA specimen collection. As a result of this milestone, the buccal swab procedure enabled individuals to perform DNA testing in the privacy of their own home

The Home Self Collection test is not court admissible, but will offer peace of mind or can be used as a preliminary test to legal procedures. Child and alleged fathers samples $140.

In 1995, the staff formed their own DNA identification consulting company called Identity Link. The main focus was the clients and their specific needs. The consultants continued professional management of private cases with an understanding of the sensitive, unique nature of relationship issues. As a result of the success of this business, Identity Link was later acquired by Orchid/GeneScreen.

Identity Solutions (Personalized DNA Services) was organized in 2003 to fully concentrate on client support with a special attention to affordable, accurate testing. The consultants understand the necessity of direct personal contact rather than an impersonal call center. The coordination for every DNA case is arranged with individual needs in mind, and a private consultant will guide each client through the complete process. The staff continues to have a trusted, working relationship with a select group of AABB Accredited or Certified DNA laboratories.

Identity Solutions was nominated by that European company DKMS, to maintain their bone marrow repository which allows leukemia patients an opportunity to locate a donor in their country. Again, the staff at Identity Solutions understands the sensitive nature and urgency of these requests.

The ultimate goal of the dedicated Identity Solutions staff is to facilitate an efficient, confidential case coordination process for those needing quality and affordable DNA analysis.

You can trust Identity Solutions for personalized and affordable DNA Services.