Immigration Testing

Immigration DNA Testing can be done at any age with AABB accredited results completed in an average of two weeks once all samples have arrived at the laboratory.

Immigration DNA Testing

$590 Testing Mother and/or Alleged Father with Child. $750 for Two Siblings. Extra fee of $200 for each additional person

Follow these steps for your immigration DNA testing:

  • Contact the immigration office or embassy that you are working with to confirm they are able to accept DNA buccal swab kits and results from an AABB accredited Lab in the United States
  • Ask the embassy to provide the overseas location, embassy or doctor's office, to send the DNA kit. You will need to provide Identity Solutions with the location, contact person, address and telephone number with a country code.
  • Send payment with a copy of your INS paperwork and completed testing application to Identity Solutions. No Personal Checks. Call our office if you wish to pay with a credit card.


Identity Solutions will contact you with an appointment for your collection in the United States. We will provide you with a courier and tracking number used to ship the DNA kit overseas. Once the DNA kit is received overseas, your family member must contact the location and schedule their collection of DNA sample. Each testing party must provide identification at the time of collection and will need to pay any additional fees charged by the embassy or overseas collection site. The collection site or embassy will need to use the prepaid return courier information in the DNA kit to return the sample back to the United States for testing.

Please call toll free 877-873-5465 with any questions.