Paternity Deceased Father

Paternity Deceased Father

Paternity testing can be done when an alleged father is deceased or unavailable. Appropriate samples taken at the time of death or prior to death can be utilized. Contact the local coroner of the hospital to verify if a sample is available and has a legal chain of custody, for legal results. Additional fees for collection and shipping may apply. The sample must stay at the appropriate location until Identity Solutions can make proper arrangements for court admissible evidence.

When no sample of the alleged father is available, the biological parents with other biological family members/siblings of the deceased can be tested.

Unusual Sample of Alleged Father

$650 Testing Mother, Child and Unusual Sample

Buccal swab, blood sample, blood stain or tissue sample

Extra fee for each additional party/Additional fee for other unusual samples.

Family Study

Additional fee for each additional party

$650 testing mother, child and both biological parents of the alleged father.

$750 testing child only and both biological parents of the alleged father.

**It is important to note that when testing a sample of a deceased individual or of family members other than the biological parents, the test has no guarantee of reaching a 99 percent level of paternity. All testing is done to reach the best possible level of evidence.

A convenient appointment will be arranged at a collection facility in your area. Please complete and mail the appropriate application forms and payment to our office at the address below to begin the DNA testing coordination. Call our office if you wish to pay with a credit card or have additional questions.