Home Self Collection after Childs Birth

$160 mother, child and alleged father

Extra fee of $90 for each additional person tested

$140 child and alleged father (mother not tested)

Extra fee of $90 for each additional person tested

Prenatal Paternity: $470 for Mother, Child's Prenatal Sample and Alleged Father

This fee does not include the cost for your physician to collect and culture the prenatal sample.

Testing fees must be paid in advance to Identity Solutions. Physician's information for shipping must be provided. Upon receiving your payment, a collection kit with a chain of custody form and return shipping air bill will be provided to your physician.

Testing after Birth or at Time of Delivery: $290 for Mother, Child and Alleged Father

Cord Blood/Buccal Swab

DNA testing can be performed with samples taken by a buccal swab method after the birth of the child. Another option is an umbilical cord blood sample taken at the time of birth with your physician's assistance.

The home self collection test is not court admissible, but will offer peace of mind or can be used as a preliminary test to legal procedures.