Standard Legal Paternity

Standard Legal Paternity

Test results completed in an average of three business days

The standard DNA paternity test analyzes the mother, child and alleged father. We inherit our DNA, or genetic material, from both biological parents and therefore testing both the mother and the alleged father provides the most definitive proof of a biological relationship. DNA paternity testing determines whether or not the alleged father is the biological father of the child. This test is guaranteed to have at least a 99 percent probability of inclusion or 100 percent certainty of exclusion.

Standard Legal Chain of Custody:

Identity Solutions uses a strict chain of custody to ensure that you receive court admissible test results.
Verifiable evidence of identity is required with a current photograph.

Standard Legal Collection:

Arrangements for specimen collections can be made for parties living in different locations. The collection is generally done with the buccal swab method on all testing parties by a medical professional. The buccal swab collection is a cotton-tipped swab rolled inside the cheek of the mouth, which provides a non-invasive sample collection that can be done regardless of age.

Court Admissible DNA Buccal Swab Test

Mother Not Tested

Test Results completed in an average of three business days

Testing can be performed without the mother, called mother not tested, only if a legal guardian submits and signs for the child's sample collection. Results are equally conclusive whether or not the mother participates. Contact a family law attorney, or have a legal guardian sign at the time of collection, and download the Consent and Indemnity Agreement Form (PDF)